Simplifying parking: Our favourite companies transforming the industry

Lydia Woodward | 22nd August 2018

Parking is a puzzle that remains largely unsolved. Our guide fills in 5 of the pieces.

Remember learning to drive? 

Lining up bonnets and backseats with the precision of a sniper to execute a passable parallel park. Wedging your tiny Peugeot between towering Range Rovers at increasingly unlikely angles. Knuckles white. Afraid to blink. 

The kicker? 

It didn’t get any easier when you passed. Why didn’t your instructor warn you to keep an infinite supply of pound coins handy? Why did every bay in the car park seem to fill up the minute your L-plates came off? 

Thankfully, since our teens, the UK has seen a proliferation of parking technologies designed to extract this particular thorn from every motorist’s side. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best, in no particular order of course. 

1. AppyParking 

CEO Dan Hubert’s mission is to ‘make parking forgettable’. At first glance, AppyParking’s interactive map hits users with a barrage of information, but the app is intuitive to use, and the busy visuals quickly change from confusing to useful. Drivers can quickly access information on on-street and off-street parking bays’ tariffs, restrictions and hours of operation, as well as details of petrol prices and locations of disabled, electric and motorcycle parking facilities. AppyParking is a congestion-buster with all the tools you need to dodge the dreaded PCN. 

2. Parkopedia 

Founded in 2008 with the aim of being able to one day answer any parking question in the world, Parkopedia aren’t far off. Operating in 75 countries, Parkopedia provides detailed information on rates, pricing options, facility features and user reviews. This service isn’t only of value to individuals, but an impressive number of the biggest names in motoring: Parkopedia powers the parking services behind companies including TomTom, Garmin, BMW and Ford. 

3. YourParkingSpace 

Search, book & park. According to CEO Harrison Woods, reserving a parking space should be that simple. YourParkingSpace lists 250,000 spaces - from private driveways to bays in commercial multi-storeys – for rent on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Pre-booking a parking space through the website or app is an easy way to save money and offers access to locations that don’t accept drive-up customers. 

4. RingGo

Thanks to RingGo, the parking industry was an early pioneer in the movement towards electronic transactions in Britain. With their first major implementation of pay-by-phone services for First Great Western Railways in 2006, RingGo scrapped the pay-and-display model that previously dominated parking. They’re still a leading provider of phone payment solutions. RingGo’s app now works with Google Maps to list nearby zones, save favourite sites and provide a location search function. 

5. Glide Parking 

The brainchild of Newpark Solutions, Glide does it all. Drivers download the app and set up an account with their registration number and payment details. From there, they have 4 payment options. They can pay manually through the app; book season tickets for a particular car park; leave and pay automatically through the app’s integration with ANPR technology; or pre-book parking for peace of mind ahead of the day. 

At ParkMaven, we asked how parking could be even simpler. Our industry boasts a wide array of bold technological innovations. We have no desire to challenge sector experts or replace favourites – but we do have the capacity to bring brilliant companies together. Our API can connect any parking service provider to the pooled customer bases of our partners through the Channel Manager.

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