Problem solving for the market: Top 3 challenges for car park operators

YPS Admin | 14th August 2018

It’s not easy being a car park operator. Chances are, at some point in your career you’ve faced some - if not all - of the challenges below. In fact, we’re willing to bet that at least one of them is weighing on your mind right now...

When we built ParkMaven, the premier cloud platform for parking providers, we couldn’t settle on a single problem to solve. Getting your car park(s) online, maximising occupancy, grappling with complex data: our research revealed that parking plights are many and varied. 

So we developed three software solutions. Here’s a small selection of the problems they could solve for you.

1. It’s too difficult/expensive to take online bookings 💸

Solution: ParkMaven Booking Button 

Contracting a team of developers to build a personalised booking platform will cost you dearly. Implementing a change in your specifications or fixing a design error could stretch your budget beyond sense. If you shelve this option and utilise a pre-book parking site to market your spaces online, you’ll still part with around 20% of each transaction’s total value in commission. The Booking Button provides you with a fully-brandable, commission-free booking engine to process direct reservations through your own website. 

2. I can’t hit full capacity 🚗 

Solution: ParkMaven Channel Manager 

No matter how gorgeous or centrally-located your parking facility may be, you’ll only attract as many motorists as your marketing efforts permit. Some of your customers drive up and park; some book in advance via your partnered reservation site. You’d like to sell more spaces, but it’s a challenge to ensure maximum exposure without losing track of bookings made through multiple sites.

Fear not – the Channel Manager streams your spare parking spaces through multiple marketing channels and updates their availability automatically, in real time. You’ll benefit from our partnerships with Parkopedia, YourParkingSpace and without the need to manually collate multi-site booking data.

3. I don’t know how to optimise my business strategy 📈

Solution: ParkMaven Smart Dashboard

Car park operators struggle to work with fragmented data. Analysing information fed in from access control systems, on-site enforcement solutions, online marketing channels, and property/revenue management systems quickly becomes chaotic. If you’re working with Excel spreadsheets, your insights are already out of date by the time you’ve had a chance to input and manipulate the data.

The Smart Dashboard integrates with all data sources operating within your parking ecosystem and derives intelligent management insights in real time. There’s just one login to remember, and you’ll find your historic, current and projected parking data in one convenient place. 

Tempted to try it for yourself? Head to for a free trial. There are no risks and no contracts – we promise ParkMaven won’t be problem no.4!