Preview: ParkMaven at MIPIM London

Lydia Woodward | 17th October 2018

Are you making the most of your real estate assets? If the answer’s not yet a confident ‘yes’, make time for coffee with ParkMaven at MIPIM UK 2018.

Where will 3000 participants come together with 300 investors, for over 50 conferences and an immeasurable number of development and investment opportunities? At MIPIM - the UK’s largest and most insightful property event. On the 18th October 2018, ParkMaven will travel to the Olympia Centre to share our own insights on the value that real estate professionals can realise from underutilised parking.

MIPIM is pitched as the leading property summit for all key stakeholders in UK real estate. It’s the place to discover property projects and new business opportunities in the UK. At ParkMaven, we knew we couldn’t miss it: the world of real estate is inseparable from the pain of parking. 

Our mission is to make parking seamless for drivers and simple for car park operators. ParkMaven’s SaaS solutions are designed to transform parking management through increasing occupancy, optimising your pricing model and providing the data-driven insights you need to make strategic management decisions. You don’t need to be a passionate parking professional to tap into a wealth of revenue potential: ParkMaven automates the difficult parts.

New to smart parking? Here’s a preview of the three solutions in ParkMaven’s software suite. 

The Booking Button: a world-class booking engine for guests to reserve parking in advance. This white-label solution can be built as a standalone website or app, or integrated with your venue’s existing reservation page. 

The Channel Manager: if you list vacant rooms on or coworking sites, you should list underutilised parking spaces with the Channel Manager to boost occupancy. This solution advertises your inventory across the top online pre-book parking sites and updates availability in real time. 

The Smart Dashboard: make powerful, insightful management decisions using real-time data from your car park. No more spreadsheets or forgotten passwords – this management portal integrates with all your data sources and requires just one login. 

Can’t wait until MIPIM to find out more? Get in touch at if you plan to be there. We’re eager to put our heads together with forward-thinking transport professionals.

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