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Real problem No.1

The parking industry is years behind in adopting online technology. Reporting is often limited, at best fragmented. At every car park a huge number of reports are generated, reports from on-site payment terminals, mobile payment apps, barrier providers, and enforcement companies. Multiply this across 10, 20 or even 100+ car parks, and making informed management decisions becomes impossible.  

Real problem No.2

Establishing your car park online demands initial investments of cash and labour. Building a booking function into your website is time-consuming. Competing with more established online parking providers is a challenge.

The solution

The online economy presents a massive opportunity, but we know it requires expertise that doesn't come naturally when your experience is in the parking sector.

The Smart Dashboard brings an end to fragmented data, bringing the data you want to see, for all your car parks, under one login. 

The Booking Button provides a world-class booking engine to attract customers to your car parks and process reservations on your own website, commission-free. 

Our Channel Manager broadens your reach by connecting your car park to all the top booking channels. No longer is a sign on the side of a car park enough, operators must place their car parks online to reach the broadest audience. Instead of paying to compete with established players online, ParkMaven increases your revenue through collaboration.